Monday, May 08, 2006

Allegra Goodman's new novel INTUITION

Intuition is a superb novel. The characters are complex, fully realized, and completely understood by the author. The plot is gripping, the scientific world of research well-described, and the political underpinnings clearly delineated. And the ending! Earned, tough, bitter, sweet, and with the shock of surprise that feels inevitable. A darn good read.

Here's a sample (p. 57.) Marion and Sandy run the lab together and are close friends. This is from Jacob's point of view, he is Marion's husband.

"He did not begrudge Marion her friendhsip. When Sandy had first approached Marion, Jacob had encouraged her to collaborate with him. He had immediately appreciated the money and publicity that the doctor would bring in. Nor did Jacob resent Marion's loyalty to Sandy, and her increasing closeness to him over the past ten years. Perhaps some husbands would be jealous, but Jacob found nothing interesting in the idea that jealousy is a natural counterpart to love, or that when men and women work together there inevitably are sexual undercurrents. These sentimental notions--reductive, cliched, ingrained in the cultural fantasies of romance--were utterly foreign to him, and had no relevance, as far as Jacob saw, to anyone offscreen, or offstage, or outside the pages of books."



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