Sunday, June 04, 2006

Carl Wiener

from the back of his most recent chapbook, Niagra:
"Carl Wiener has been a resident of San Francisco for more than thirty years. He completed his BA at Reed College in 1973 and later an MA at San Francisco State University. He enjoys travel, photography, reading, writing, walking and listening to music. He speaks several languages with varying degrees of fluency."

Poor Thucydides

We were parked by the ocean, I remember:
between the front fender of the car
and Okinawa, there was nothing but the
Pacific. Then Bill started talking about
the Peloponnesian War, because that's
what he was reminded of, that night, for
some odd reason, though I completely
forgot what he said. And that's the second
time I forgot about Thucydides, come
to think of it, because I read and forgot
him in college, too. Poor Thucydides: I guess
you repeat yourself, eternally, in the hearts of ex-marines.



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