Friday, June 02, 2006

Carol Bly

from The Passionate, Accurate Story: Making Your Heart's Truth Into Literature, by Carol Bly:

But the unconscious has no idea of being dutiful. To waken it, we try laying some sensual or aesthetic or moral excitement just under its nose: the fragrance will rout it from its torpor, we hope.

The unconscious mind had much rather remain sleeping, of course: it knows what it's doing. If it wanted to be awake all the time, it would be the conscious mind.

It is powerful: it holds most of our memories. It has a penchant for terror and self-defense. If not tempted by other nourishment, it will content itself with lurching to its feet just when we don't want it to, attacking someone senselssly. It is as much soup as animal. It prefers steeping away to thinking. It is a mess, but in its mess lie impressions life once gave us. We want them to freight our hearts' truth in short stories.



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