Saturday, July 01, 2006

Beauty Tips for Ministers

Beauty Tips for Ministers is my new fav blog. Her photos are great. Scroll down to see what she says about men wearing kilts. I don't know why I am so enchanted with this blog. I'm not a minister. I insist on wearing jeans to church, when I go to church, which is mostly to hear my husband sing, as he is in the choir. But this blog, it makes me snort and bounce in my chair like a toddler. Here are some recent posts:

"Only the LORD Can Get Between You And Your Calvins.
Precious ones,let's not wear jeans to church on the Sabbath, okay? Even if they're stylish, and even if we're scheduled to spend the morning with the squirts down in Sunday School.
Calvin is fine.
Calvins are not."

"What's with these people who dare to get more attractive as they age while I am valiantly fighting off jowls and grandmotherly upper arms? I have a 60-something year old retired colleague who, damn him, looks younger now than he did ten years ago. As much as I love him,
I know that he uses no skin products whatsoever and that his only real beauty regime is to regularly imbibe good Scotch. I cry out to the Lord in my bitterness and envy. Lord, hear my prayer."



At 5:14 PM, Anonymous SP Rankin said...

That's hilarious.


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