Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Bret Lott

"Ah. Surrender.

This is the rub, finally, to becoming a writer of any merit: the surrending of one's will to the work at hand...

listen to what I can only think of as the heartbeat of your character's story, the rhythm of associations combined with the action you see before you, both evolving in and of themselves to form what is the time of the story. Not your time...

Certainly it pays to have a plan, a ballpark idea of what might occur. But by allowing association to be made--whether in the form of flashbacks, or impressions, dreams, influences, even shapes in the clouds or the way shadows change between late August and the first day of September--time will reel itself in the direction it so choses, so long as the author is listening to the story, allowing its heartbeat to become the author's own."



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