Tuesday, December 12, 2006

David Long

I finished reading The Inhabited World by David Long and I knew that it was going to be hard to find anything else to read. What could top this? A ghost story, a love story, great setting (the Pacific Northwest), sex, childhood, and suspense? And all in prose so clean and elegant that is is breathtaking. Why hasn't this book made all the bestseller charts? I have no idea. This is a darn good read. Strong begining, compelling middle, and perfect-o ending.

Here's the premise: dead guy gently haunts the house where he killed himself, and spies on the new owner, a woman who is escaping her addictive relationship with a married man.

Here's a sample of the prose:
"Day and night, he navigates around the house and yard, seeing what there is to see, taking stock. As often as he's made this circuit he's not sick of it; being sick of things is no longer in his repertoire - it's as if the exact site of boredom in his brain ahs been drilled out. When he reaches the property line, he stops. Why not keep walking, another step, shoe on gravel? But a force like gravity keeps him here - the farther he gets from the house, the weaker his resolve to leave it."

And there you have it, there the author neatly sets up the parameters of the haunting. Wow. I'm a fan (dancing and waving arms in air) okay, not really because actually I'm sitting here typing this so that you will trot right out and read this book.



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