Sunday, January 14, 2007

Reed & Write, May 29-June 3 2007

Reed & Write is a writing workshop for Reed alumni, their families, parents of Reedies, and friends of the college. Tuition is $295. This is part of the annual alumni college, held during reunion week.

Here's the faculty list:
Janet Fitch '78 - Fiction
Vern Rutsala '56 - Poetry
Eric Overmeyer '73 - Dramatic Writing
Debra Ginsberg '85 & John Daniel '70 - Memoir

Guest speakers:
Mei-mei Berssenbrugge ’69 (Poet)
Lee Blessing '71 (Playwright)
Gordon Dahlquist '83 (Fiction)
Leslie Scalapino ’66 (Poet)
Lisa Steinman (Poet & Reed Professor)
Anne Washburn ‘91 (Playwright)
& Emeritus Reed Professors of Creative Writing:
Elinor Langer
Gary Miranda
Peter Sears

I graduated in 1971, and Lee Blessing was in my thesis production. That same year, Lee and Eric Overmeyer and I were in a production of Gorky's The Lower Depths. It will be great to see them both again.

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