Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mary Beth Ray wins Gold at Best Travel Writing

My pal Mary Beth Ray has won the Gold Prize at Travel Writing for her essay True Relic, about an encounter in Milan.

It's a wonderful, evocative essay. Here's the opening paragraph:

"I walked to the Duomo early in the morning to watch people for a while. I was glad to be able to set my own pace. That’s one of the reasons I travel alone. Today the pace would be measured. But for a few Japanese tourists doing the pigeon photo op thing, the whole scene could have been out of a fifties’ American in Europe movie. Humidity bent the morning light to give everything a golden Technicolor glow. I expected to see Clark Gable or Rock Hudson gambol past. The Italian women were all Loren and Lollabrigida beautiful. It was still cool and I sat on the pedestal of a lamp post/statue to watch people assemble and to look at the church façade. I chose a spot with as little pigeon poop and urine stain as I could find. Apparently, the piazza in front of the Duomo is a place for all to come and leave a piece of themselves behind or to take something with them."



At 10:08 AM, Anonymous sandy said...

Cool! Many congrats to Mary Beth Ray--great piece.


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