Thursday, May 03, 2007

Susan Meyers

My pal Susan Meyers is a finalist for the Southern Independent Booksellers Award for poetry. Her book Keep and Give Away, was selected by Terrance Hayes for the South Carolina Poetry Book Prize in 2006.

Here is the beginnging of one of my favorites:

Trying to Get It Right

At ten I thought popular girls had everything
to hide, at least the older ones. They spoke
a language the rest of us wanted to learn,
a vocabulary all the boys understood. If only
we could decipher what we lacked, we could correct
the bad grammar of our elbows and knees.

On the bulletin board one September I saw adverb
and thought the teacher would never let us in
on the secret. She didn't mention the word for days
while it sat there like a perfect body. I knew
it spelled what I needed, something gorgeous
or an action I could learn to perform, a long verb

we hadn't been ready for at six: Don't run, Spot-

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