Saturday, June 30, 2007

Michael Rockstar

Check out the website for Michael Rockstar, local Portland musician, whom I met at Pix Patisserie.

from his website:
"Michael Rockstar is a musical comedian. Hailing originally from Los Angeles, and currently living in Portland, Oregon, Michael's music is as diverse and interesting as the places he has resided. "I spent time in Asia, teaching English in rural China and hanging out in Thailand - I played shows twice a week for people who had no idea what I was saying. It forced me to become a much more involving entertainer," says Michael.

Growing up in a musical family, Michael is no stranger to the industry. His father Marc Wolin was in the successful Los Angeles-based band Wheeze in the early 70s and continues to perform and produce various acts through his company, Sedona Records, of which Michael is a part.

Experienced and prolific, Michael has written and performed music since the age of 11, and, after graduating from the University of Arizona with a degree in Music, Sound Recording, and Media Arts, Michael has embarked upon an artistic journey unlike his previous endeavors, or those of his musical comrades. "I'm working on a masterpiece," he says. A delightful combination of rock, folk, pop, comedy, and dialogue, Michael's charismatic appeal is most evident at his live performances."

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