Saturday, October 13, 2007

Barbara Sjoholm

Barbara Sjoholm will be at the Powell's on Hawthorne, Thursday, Oct 18th, 7:30pm.

From her website:
"A frequent traveler to Scandinavia, Barbara Sjoholm set off one winter to explore a region that had long intrigued her. The Palace of the Snow Queen is the result of Sjoholm's travels in Lapland, starting with her visit to Kiruna, Sweden, to observe the construction of the Icehotel. Over the the course of three winters in the North, she met ice artists and snow architects, reindeer herders, and Sami writers and activists.

Throughout The Palace of the Snow Queen, Sjoholm provides a deeply moving look at the people of Kiruna and the Sami struggle to maintain their grazing lands and migration routes in the face of tourism, while focusing on the various political and ideological changes occurring within this icy region.

Ultimately, Sjoholm contemplates the tensions between contemporary tourism and traditional culture, and delivers a powerful travel narrative of this comparatively little-known region of Europe."

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