Friday, June 20, 2008

Margot Livesey on writing

"Read everything that is good for the good of your soul. Then, learn to read as a writer, to search out that hidden machinery, which it is the business of art to conceal and the business of the apprentice to comprehend. Read work that is less than good, work in progress, to see that machinery more clearly. Learn to read your own work as if it were that of another. Admit your own judgments. We know our own strengths and weaknesses, even when we strive not to."

from Margot Livesey's essay "The Hidden Machinery" in The Eleventh Draft: Craft and the Writing Life from the Iowa Writers' Workshop, edited by Frank Conroy.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Five Star Literary Stories

My review of a fine flash by Stefanie Freele is live today at Five Star Literary Stories. Stefanie's story is titled: "James Brown is Alive and Doing Laundry in South Lake Tahoe" and was published in Flash Fiction Online.

"Five Star Literary Stories combines three integral facets of the writing life: publisher, story, and reviewer. Each short story or flash fiction is editor nominated and considered one of the best the mag has published."


Monday, June 09, 2008


I bought an Alchemy Goods Haversack, and I am smitten with its nonchalant design, its recycled construction from innertubes and seatbelts, and its overall oddity. The warehouse is on First South, and the factory store is open Mondays at 3pm. Best to call ahead for directions, or you can do what I did. Get lost, pull into the nearest parking lot and get help from Patrick and then from Susan, both of them friendly twentysomethings who work at Alchemy. A thoroughly enjoyable experience, even in the incessant rain that is our usual June weather.


Sunday, June 08, 2008

Write-O-Rama yesterday at Hugo House

I was one of the Hugo House Laureates and yesterday was the famous Write-O-Rama.

I took three morning workshops, had lunch and then came home to nap on the sofa with the dog. All in all, an entirely delightful day. My workshops were with Lyall Bush, (the new Executive Director of Hugo House,) David Schmader, and Alexandria Red.


Thursday, June 05, 2008

Detroit Red Wings Win Stanley Cup

Yup. I watched most of the final game, verrry exciting it was, too.

"General manager Ken Holland had heard often his team was too European, too soft and that his Detroit Red Wings couldn't win with a European captain. All of those assertions were disproved Wednesday when Swedish defenseman Nicklas Lidstrom became the first European NHL captain to lead his team to a Stanley Cup championship."
Details here.

Why do I like hockey? It is like chess on ice, with peculiar rules, and odd accents, and lots of Viking-like men rushing hither and yon on the slippery ice. It is fast. I don't like the whomping each other with bent sticks, or the smacking around, but I like the adrenalin. Go figure. Literature and hockey, a fine combination.