Monday, July 28, 2008

Bonnie ZoBell at SmokeLong Quarterly

My pal Bonnie ZoBell has a flash, "Real Estate," up at SmokeLong Quarterly. A fine story, and don't miss the interview, which ends with the following inspirational statement from Bonnie:

"The longer I write, the more I understand I'm writing for myself, not the market. I worked at Cosmopolitan where Helen Gurley Brown called me a mouseburger (as she described herself) when I had my heart broken. I've moved from the West Coast to the East Coast and back again, poor enough to label all my personal belongings as "Books" so I could have them with me. A fork finally fell out of the last box I shipped, and the postman told me he'd be watching. I had a husband die of AIDS after fifteen years of marriage.

I've been rejected so many times that anybody in her right mind would have quit and become a dentist. I've stopped writing for periods of time for all of these reasons, but then I always start writing again because I seem to have to. I grow by trying to push myself to experiment with writing and then deciding what I do and don't like. Sure, I like being published as much as the next writer, mainly because I want people to read what I've written. A story is meant to be told to a reader."



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