Saturday, September 13, 2008

Greek Festival next weekend

It's fall, and that means baklava. The local Greek festival here in Seattle is at St. Demetrios, in the Montlake district, 2100 Boyer Ave East. The first day is Friday, September 19, at noon. I'll probably be there, stocking up on pans of baklava for the freezer. Then I'll snack on some calimari, and then, oh, who knows, but I hope I can have the strength of will to avoid the loukoumathes booth. Mmmm. Crispy fried sweet dough dipped in cinnamon honey. Danger ahead. I might get some dolmathes too, although they won't be as good as my Aunt Ida's or my Aunt Erasmia's or my Aunt Bessie's (God Rest Her Soul what a fine cook she was, but I digress. I'm thinking of you, Aunt Bessie, xxooxx.)

St. Demetrios Greek Festival

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loukoumathes, oh sweet heaven. Hope you were satiated!


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