Thursday, October 09, 2008

Seattle Poet Populist

Vote for Seattle's Poet Populist right here.

from the website:
Nomination: Local arts organizations nominate a candidate for the office of Poet Populist through a formal nomination process.

Election: The general public of the city votes online. One vote per valid email address is allowed, (verified through a proprietary technology). Write-in votes are allowed.

Inauguration: In January, the current Poet Populist will pass the torch to the new office-holder at a reading at the Seattle Public Library. The reading will feature selected past Poets Populist and a reading of the outgoing Poet Populist's commissioned work.

During the next year: The Poet Populist reads at diverse venues in order to promote articulate leadership and visionary art. Seattle's Poet Populist has been invited to read at bookstores, colleges, businesses and at opening ceremonies for new public and private developments.

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