Saturday, November 22, 2008

Anthony Lane

Anthony Lane on Forrest Gump: "This movie is so insistently heartwarming that it chilled me to the marrow."

on Tom and Viv: "Tom and Viv is based on Michael Hastings's stage play, which, in turn, was based on almost thing at all, apart from a smattering of blind prejudice and a thick ear for English verse, although it purported to tell the story of the poet's first marriage. The film plods politely through this distressing tale...we get...her parents trying to decide which is worse - a daughter who is diagnosed as suffering from 'moral insanity,' or a son-on-law without even the common decency to write in heroic couplets..."

on Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle: " more fun than Tom and Viv, but only in the sense that a clean razor is more fun than a rusty one...



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