Friday, November 28, 2008

Cultured Purls

Cultured Purls is my fav yarn parlor in the Seattle area. Yes, the names of yarn stores are like the names of hairdressing salons, punny and groan-inducing. CP is having a 15% off sale this Friday - Sunday, and I am low on yarn. Actually low. Really. I've been knitting my stash for so long that when I went to find something for public knitting for Thanksgiving yesterday, I had to make a bag of mixed wools. Now I have enough wool for two more pairs of socks.

Public knitting means that I won't be able to refer to my notes, or turn the heel of a sock, or do Kitchener, or anything requiring real brain power. Really, I need a scarf project. But I'm committed to socks. I've finished 10 pairs so far, not including the nice pair I gave away to a good friend. My goal is to replace all my thick wool socks from LLBean with my own hand-knitted socks.

And now I find out that tomorrow I will be going to a new yarn parlor in West Seattle. Yippee! Stay tuned, and sharpen up those dpns (double pointed needles.)

Knitting, for those of you not afflicted, is therapy. And then you also have an end product, as a bonus. But it is the act of knitting, the soothing creating of a series of interlocked knots, that is the goal. The socks or hat or scarf or vest or sweater or garage cosy? that's the bonus.



At 9:06 PM, Blogger ...deb said...

"Garage cozy." Snork.


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