Monday, December 01, 2008

theater simple

I haven't been to one of theater simple's productions yet, but I like what I hear. I wish I had known about their production of The Snow Queen, as it's one of my favorite fairy tales.

From the website:

"In THE SNOW QUEEN, Gerda simply journeys out into the wide, wide world to find her friend. It's the adventures along the way that get complicated...
theater simple is known locally and internationally for their work with literary adaptations as well as their site-specific escapades. Past work on adaptations include Bulgakov's The Master & Margarita, Dostoevsky's Notes from Underground, Conrad's Heart Of Darkness, Kipling's The Elephant's Child, Andersen's The Snow Queen, and with Ghost Light from Santa Cruz, they worked on Dickens' HARD TIMES and Melville's Hunting for MOBY DICK."



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