Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Seattle Art Museum's 16th C Italian room

I went to the Seattle Art Museum today, to see the Salish art exhibit, which has the unpronounceable and unmemorable name of S'abadeb. Nice exhibit, mostly what I expected, lots of school children screaming, being shushed by parents and docents, the usual. Then to the Hopper exhibit, then made my way around, browsing the Greek vases and porcelain thingummy-bobs. But the most amazing thing is there up on the fourth floor, an entire small wooden room from 16th Century Chiavenna in northern Lombardy.

A whole, empty, quiet room, with windows letting in rather well placed afternoon light (I was there in the morning, so really appreciated this warm southern light effect)and a fireplace and nothing else. Just the wooden paneling and the entire feeling of being in Italy, in the past. I stayed for a while, then left and went to see something else, then came back, and it was the same. A time apart.

For more information on the conservation of this room, go here.



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