Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chekov online

201 Stories by Anton Chekov has just that, 201 of the master's stories, right there on this here ol' web. The translations, I hear you ask. These are the Constance Garnett translations. Some like her work, some do not.

The titles may be different from those in other collections. And the order is not chronological. From the website:

"Constance Garnett translated and published 13 volumes of Chekhov stories in the years 1916-1922. Unfortunately, the order of the stories is almost random, and in the last volume Mrs. Garnett stated: "I regret that it is impossible to obtain the necessary information for a chronological list of all Tchehov's works." This site presents all 201 stories in the order of their publication in Russia."

My favorite Chekhov stories are
"Lady with the Dog" (#197)
"The Bishop" (#200)
"The Schoolmistress" (188)
and "The Black Monk" (#170.)
Which are yours?



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