Thursday, July 02, 2009

Home of the Brave

My pal Jeff Hess has edited an anthology of stories about men and women in the service called Home of the Brave: Stories In Uniform. The publisher is the always excellent Press 53.
"A portion of this book’s proceeds are being donated to USA Cares, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that assists post 9/11 military service members and their families to cope with the financial burdens resulting from their service to America."

Contributors include Tim O'Brien, Kurt Vonnegut, Mary Akers, Tobias Wolff, Zoey Byrd, James Salter, Hannah Huber, Kevin Jones, Valerie Hamilton, Bruce Overby, Chris Offut, Tracy Crow, and Sarah Davis.

Hess has put together a fine collection, starting with WWII and finishing up with Iraq and Afghanistan. As he says in his lively introduction, "Short fiction shows us things we might never have known, even if we've experienced it already."

And it's a darn good read for the summer time too. Take it to the beach, or the nearest sofa on a rainy afternoon. Glory, trouble, worry, fear, blood, and courage, they are all here, between the covers of this fine anthology. I heartily recommend it.

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