Monday, January 11, 2010

RIP Eric Rohmer 1920-2010

My favorite Eric Rohmer movie? Probably Claire's Knee (1970) but I've liked all that I've seen, and I really can't say that about any other director, not even John Sayles, or Billy Wilder.

M. Rohmer died today at the age of 89. Details here.

From the above article: "Creating fables both buoyant and grave, Rohmer had a movie personality hard to describe and harder to forget. Like subtle wines, lingering perfumes, his best films — Maud, Claire, Chloe, the 1994 Rendezvous in Paris — are essences all worth bottling."

Yes, I'd have to agree. Watching a Rohmer film is a bit like drinking very good French champagne. I feel witty just raising the glass, and there's nothing to regret the next morning.



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