Monday, March 08, 2010

Midge Raymond teaching at Richard Hugo House

Midge Raymond is teaching the Master Class in prose at Richard Hugo House, starting Monday, March 22, and running through May 24. Midge is a fine teacher, and I highly recommend her class. For more information, see the class listings here.

From the Richard Hugo House site:
"The goal of this workshop is for writers to complete, or fully revise, at least one short story or essay. With an emphasis on the short form, we’ll look at the elements of good narrative—including character, story, dialogue, setting, and voice—through examples and discussion but primarily in the context of student work. Each writer will have the opportunity to workshop a story or essay twice during the duration of the class, and we’ll discuss revision and critiquing methods, as well as how to gain insight into one’s own work through reading and responding to the work of others. The first portion of class meetings will be devoted to writing exercises and readings, with the majority of each session devoted to workshops."



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