Wednesday, September 28, 2011

BOOMTOWN now available

I have a short story in the anthology BOOMTOWN: Explosive Writing from Ten Years of the Queens University of Charlotte MFA Program.

My story is "The Evangeline," about the WWII rescue at Dunkirk told from the point of view of a woman boat captain. The Dunkirk rescue was in May, 1940, when British soldiers were stranded at the port of Dunkirk in Belgium. The British Admiralty called on everyone who had a boat to get out across the Channel and rescue the soldiers, and the amazing thing is how many did. There are many accounts of this, and many stories, and novels, among them The Snow Goose, by Paul Gallico. Even now, I can't read about Dunkirk without weeping. I was waiting for the emotion to still before I started writing, when I realized that maybe that's now how I write. Maybe I write in the white hot center of the emotion. So I wept as I wrote, and I wept as I researched. (By the time I came to revise, I was dry-eyed, you will be glad to hear.)



At 12:30 AM, Blogger Meriwether Falk said...

Congratulations, Linera. Your story sounds awesome.


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