Monday, June 10, 2013

GLOSSOLALIA by David Jauss

A new collection of short stories by David Jauss is always a cause for celebration. Here's why. This is the opening line from "Brothers:"  "When my mother called to tell me how little time my brother had left, I decided to risk a run-in with Frances and go home to see him."

See what I mean? It looks so easy on the page, telling the reader what they need to hear, what will pull them into the story, letting the reader in on the big secret right away, so they are invested. But this kind of skill is hard, a combination of talent, luck, and steady work. Ah, the payoff is the great stories!

I've been lucky enough to have David as a workshop leader at the Orcas Island Writer's Workshop, and he is a fine teacher, as well as a delightful human being. So trot right out and order his new book of short stories from Press53 - Glossolalia.


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Sounds brilliant.. will read.! :)


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