Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Can't we talk about something more PLEASANT? by Roz Chast. A memoir.

Of course I have enjoyed Roz Chast's cartoons in the New Yorker for years, but this is the first time I've read one of her books. Wonderful, funny, tender, accurate, and heartbreaking, this is her memoir of her parents and their aging and death. It must have come up on some search I did for books on aging and dying, my two new subjects, and ones I used to avoid. Not any more.

What makes Roz Chast's book so enjoyable is her clear and honest and funny writing, and her marvelous drawings. She is honest about her feelings for her difficult mother and sometimes dotty father, telling the reader how she avoided talking with them about what they wanted when they were no longer able to live alone in their Brooklyn apartment. These are hard things to consider, for ourselves and for those we love. Denial is the first response, of course.

The odd thing is how fun a read this book is. Who knew? A funny book about aging and death! With cartoons!


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