Friday, April 08, 2016

my short story "Sanfilippo Syndrome" is up at Change Seven Magazine

I'm delighted to have my short story "Sanfilippo Syndrome" published by Change Seven Magazine.  Go here to read the story.

This story came about because of a newspaper article I read about a family with an inherited degenerative disease. Accompanying the article was a photo of the mother, her young daughter, and younger son. The little boy was on his way to have gene therapy.  In the photo, the mother's dress swelled out and she looked pregnant. I thought a long time about the right way to tell this story, for it seemed to me to be a story about denial. Different flavors of denial, from each of the members of the family. The protagonist is deeply moral, but has limited agency. Pretty much all of her options are bad ones. I think you'll be able to tell which she chooses. I don't condemn or excuse her; I am transfixed by her dilemma.


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